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Meeting with the Chairman of the Board of Directors ООО «Табак-Инвест»

On 28.07.2020, a meeting was held with Pavel Topuzidis, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tabak-invest LLC. The subject of the meeting was the discussion of the details of the project “I am”, implemented By the charity Foundation “for Good” together with the Christian educational center. The name of the project coincides with the title of a book written by a 15-year-old boy with cerebral palsy from Brest, Daniil Mozol. Despite all the difficulties and difficulties that he had to overcome, he wrote the book “I am”. Within the framework of the project, all children with cerebral palsy are invited to send their poems, books, drawings and everything that they have created independently for the purpose of subsequent publication and sending funds from the sale of books and booklets to the authors. Today, the first book of the project has been prepared for publication — a collection of stories by Daniil “I am”, which, thanks to the support of Tabak-invest LLC, will be distributed at charity events in the Korona hypermarket chain, as well as in other institutions.