The name of our project coincides with the title of a book written by Daniil Mozol from Brest. Daniel is 15 years old and has cerebral palsy. But despite all the difficulties and difficulties that he has to overcome on his way, he is a very gifted and talented boy. The result of his work was a book that he called “I am”. After learning about the boy who writes books, the Foundation team had the idea to create a project of the same name. As part of this project, we invite all children with cerebral palsy to send us their poems, books, drawings, everything that they created themselves. They will all be published on our website. In addition, by raising funds in the form of donations, our Foundation plans to publish such books, booklets with illustrations and drawings of children, and send funds from their implementation to the authors. So, we can tell everyone that cerebral palsy is not a sentence, that with such a diagnosis, you can and should be creative, learn and achieve your goals. And the funds received from the sale of printed products will help children buy everything they need. Thus, the “I am” project will be aimed at socialization, adaptation and integration of children with cerebral palsy into society, support for their families.