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Our Foundation «ВО БЛАГО» was created to help all those, and first of all children, who today find themselves in a difficult situation and need help. If your child needs our help, please read the terms and conditions under which we decide to open a charity collection, and the documents that must be submitted to our Foundation.

Terms of assistance

  • we provide assistance to citizens of the Republic of Belarus
  • you can only get help from «ВО БЛАГО» once a year. First of all, those children who have not received it before can count on help.
  • our Foundation «ВО БЛАГО» provides assistance in the form of money to pay for diagnostics, treatment, rehabilitation, as well as the purchase of medicines and medical supplies, basic necessities and other needs, depending on the diagnosis and needs.
  • to get help, you must provide a set of documents (see below).
  • we provide assistance by transferring money to the recipient’s charity account, transferring purchased items to a specific recipient.
  • it is mandatory to provide a detailed report on the use of the received assistance with the presentation of supporting documents (invoices, receipts, etc.).
  • an application for opening a charity collection can only be approved if all the possibilities of receiving assistance in medical institutions of the Republic of Belarus have been exhausted or the necessary assistance cannot be provided in the Republic of Belarus.

Request form for help

    Relevant documents

    Our Foundation «ВО БЛАГО» please note that only those requests that contain the entire package of documents will be considered. Documents must be provided in good quality (not photos!). Therefore, we recommend that you carefully read the list of documents below:

    • close-up photo of the child (approximately 10×15 cm, in good quality, preferably in electronic form).
    • copies of the child’s passport pages (pages 31 and 33).
    • copies of the parent’s passport pages (pages 31 and 33, registration, information about marital status and children).
    • copy of the child’s birth certificate.
    • copy of the child’s disability certificate (if any).
    • medical documents (current extract from the child’s medical history, certified by the seal and signature of the doctor, epicrisis, etc.).
    • document confirming the amount required for the child’s treatment (invoice from the clinic).
    • family income statements for the last 12 months.
    • certificate of family composition issued by the housing Department at the place of residence.
    • details and statement of the charity account status.
    • a copy of the document confirming the relationship between the Applicant and the child (if the child is under guardianship, guardianship or adopted).

    You can send your documents by email or regular mail: info@blagohelp.com

    Republic of Belarus, 220029, Minsk, Kiseleva str., 55, office 25.

    tel. +375-29-646-89-09

    Please call us after sending the application to clarify whether the application has been received.