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Using the System”Calculation” (erip):

* if you are making a payment at a Bank or Belpochta checkout, please inform the cashier about the need to make a payment for the service via the “Settlement” system (erip).

To make a payment, you must:

  1. Select consecutive items:

System “Calculation” (SSIS)

– Charity, public associations

– Help for children and adults

– Voblago Foundation

Contributions to strengthen MTB


  1. for the “Donation” service, enter the donation goal.
  2. Enter your last name, first name, patronymic, and payment amount.
  3. Check the correctness of the information.
  4. Make a payment.

The location of the service in the service tree of the Settlement system (erip) in some payment points may differ from the one described above. In this regard, in case of problems with the search for services, we suggest that you search for UNP: 194906558.

< strong>iPay-payment from your mobile phone balance**

You can make a payment from your personal account on the site iPay.by.

To log in to your personal account, use your phone number and session password, which is sufficient to send any SMS message to the number 5533 (the cost of SMS is determined by the subscriber’s tariff plan). After successfully logging in to your personal account, you can make payments by selecting the services to pay for. In addition, you can find out the balance of Your mobile phone account, view your payment history, and print a receipt if necessary.

Link to payment for the service Contributions to strengthen MTB via iPay system for subscribers:

Link to payment for the service Donation via iPay system for subscribers:

The Commission of the iPay system will be 3% for MTS subscribers, Life < em>4, 5%

** exceptions are phone numbers connected to the corporate tariff, the tariff plan ” Free life:)” and the subscriber s, using e payment for cellular services in fact. Not the entire amount of the personal account balance is available for transactions in the iPay System: after debiting the total amount of the operation, your account must remain at least 10 kopecks for MTS subscribers and at least 50 kopecks for subscribers life🙂.